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FurryGoat pointed me to TopDesk by OtakuSoftware – an Expose-like app for Windows XP (runs on Vista Beta 1 too). The app is great for organizing your applications on your desktop if you’re a power-user. That’s the great part- until the nagware sets in. Furry has a follow-up on his experience that has convinced me to buy this app. Check it out and let me know what you think.

5 thoughts on “TopDesk – Productivity done right, marketing done wrong er… right?

  1. Hi, I’m from Otaku Software. Thanks for mentioning us.

    I haven’t had a chance to try out the Vista beta yet, but given the changes to the OS, I’m suprised that TopDesk runs on it. Does TopDesk still run at full-speed under Vista, and are there any glitches or problems? Would it be possible to post or send me a screenshot or two of it running?

  2. Paul says:

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  3. Heh says:

    Stop whining about the Otaku guys’ reminding you to activate the software. The software is kickass and does what it should. If you have a problem with the way it reminds you to pay- fuckin’ cheapskate- then just uninstall it and move along. Or, pay for it and enjoy it.

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