TopDesk – Productivity done right, marketing done wrong er… right?

FurryGoat pointed me to TopDesk by OtakuSoftware – an Expose-like app for Windows XP (runs on Vista Beta 1 too). The app is great for organizing your applications on your desktop if you’re a power-user. That’s the great part- until the nagware sets in. Furry has a follow-up on his experience that has convinced me to buy this app. Check it out and let me know what you think.

5 Comments on “TopDesk – Productivity done right, marketing done wrong er… right?”

  1. Hi, I’m from Otaku Software. Thanks for mentioning us.

    I haven’t had a chance to try out the Vista beta yet, but given the changes to the OS, I’m suprised that TopDesk runs on it. Does TopDesk still run at full-speed under Vista, and are there any glitches or problems? Would it be possible to post or send me a screenshot or two of it running?

  2. Stop whining about the Otaku guys’ reminding you to activate the software. The software is kickass and does what it should. If you have a problem with the way it reminds you to pay- fuckin’ cheapskate- then just uninstall it and move along. Or, pay for it and enjoy it.

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