MSN Spaces Powertoys released

Three new PowerToys for MSN Spaces. Get em over on the official MSN Spaces blog:

Tweak UI
The Tweak UI Power Toy is designed to allow you to customize the look of your Space. Once you add the Tweak UI Power Toy to your Space you can use it to control colors, module borders and transparency, and the background image’s placement and presence. Granular control combined with existing Spaces layout and module configuration allows for almost endless customizability and personalization.

Custom HTML
The Custom HTML Power Toy is designed to allow you to add a sandbox module to your Space in which you can enter text, link to images, and use other HTML features. The Custom HTML Power Toy supports all of the same HTML that you can enter into a Blog entry and can be moved around your Space as a separate module, just like a list or any other Spaces module. Additionally you can control the Title of this module and whether the borders for this module are displayed or not.

Windows Media Player Powertoy
The Media Player Power Toy is designed to allow you to play audio and video files within your Space. While editing your Space specify the URL of a Media file located on the web in the Media Power Toy and hit Save. This will allow the people viewing your Space to watch or listen to the media file you have linked. You can customize the experience even more by altering the player settings (like auto start, times to play, and player mode) while editing your Space.

Usual disclaimers apply- beta blah blah US-only blah blah (hey- I’m just the messenger).

24 responses to “MSN Spaces Powertoys released”

  1. could this mean podcasting support is coming…

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  3. яёαζ ζόνέ Avatar
    яёαζ ζόνέ

    uhh.. i want to get da media player on my msn space and well i tried followin ur instructions.. but like wheres media power toy??

  4. hi there, i have a powertoy but i am unable to find an url to use, help!!!!!!

  5. i done the windows media player but from where can i find a n url?????????????? pls help me

  6. 11/2/2005 11:28:10 PM (Pacific Standard Time, UTC-08:00)
    i done the windows media player but from where can i find a n url?????????????? pls help me the 1s i have tryd didnt work

  7. Hi, i have the media player on my space but what do i do with the url thing?????
    plz help me

  8. this site sucks
    use this site here
    when i did it this site helped alot more than this shit!1pMYvrPeRGImlhO-VkUyb23w!785.entry
    when i did it i used that
    wayyy better than this

  9. aight ppl if u wunt windowz media player shit on ur pc holler at me an ul giv u wut u ppl call "ürl"

  10. hey i have windows media player but when i copy and past da url of da website i want to upload it says da file should be authorized but i dunno how to authorize a file …??help plz or gimmie a url for this song plz either audio or video dosn matter…the song… Massari–Real Love thnx ..

  11. i need help dude ? i have the power toy on my page but where or how do i find the url to put songs or media on my page

  12. hey i have the windows media player on my soace but i cant find any url’s that work plz help me

  13. were do u get da urls frm coz i hav da wmp thing

  14. how do you get more than 1 song on your media player once it’s on your space?

  15. No need for names. Avatar
    No need for names.

    Media player is absolute shit!!!!!!! or rather sheeeeiiiiite (Irish) compared to Winamp. You suck MP.

  16. i am having the same problem finding a url for a song for the medai plyer power toy…can someone please please email me or let me know how to do it! thanks

  17. please help me!!! Avatar
    please help me!!!

    i have heard about the windows media powertoy and i put it on my space put i dont know how to put the URL and the songs on there. could you please help me!!! thank you

  18. hi,i didnt find url for my space,,please help me…

  19. hi ive downloaded the powertoy onto my msn space but i have no idea how to put the url into position where it could play the song of my desire.

  20. I have powertoy but I don’t know how to find the URL for my music

  21. Hello I was wondering if you could help me by getting me the url of these songs-

    I write sins not tragedys – PANIC! at the disco
    I’m not missing you – Stacie Orrico
    What’s left of me – Nick Lachey
    Running – Evermore
    Download this song – MC Lars

    Well thank you sorry for any problems if you can’t do all of them dont worry just please get me a few

    THANK YOU!!!

  22. Tip 1) When pasteing remember the http:// is already there so dont put it in again.

    2) add &powertoy=musicvideo at the end of the url u added

    3)it still probily wont work cause well i dont f***** no & it rerally pi**es me the f**k off.

    I got 1 video up once but then i deleted it & now cant find any video to put up never mins 1 i want up..

    ps . This message probilly brought u more pain anguish but hey dont blame me blame the(msn)

    Im not ar$ed so som1 else can go and complain to them.