Microsoft Messenger for Mac 5.0 now available

Microsoft Messenger for Mac 5.0 is now live and available on the download servers. Folks can find the link on

One response to “Microsoft Messenger for Mac 5.0 now available”

  1. I’m surprised you even mentioned it. Lets look at reasons why we should upgrade….

    Video…. nope
    Audio…. nope
    Aqua look and feel…. check
    Customizable smileys…. check

    So somehow making it finally look more like Aqua and have some customizable smileys makes the grade as a dot release? 2.0 maybe. "5.0" just makes it look all the more abismal (as in it took us 5 attempts just to get this far!).

    Sorry, but using iChat’s Jabber capabilities to connect to MSN works just fine… If 6.0 had Video conferencing (and full screen H264 while you’re at it), it might convince me to install it. Otherwise, spare me the annoyance of having to install this intentionally crippled malware. Sadly it’s still more convenient to convince my PC buddies to use AIM!