Creative Zen Sleek about to hit US market?

Well, they’re still not forthcoming with an actual date, but the Creative Zen Sleek has made an official appearance on Creative’s US website, which means it probably won’t be long now. Here are the Sleek’s stats:

  • 20GB hard disk stores up to 10,000 songs1 in WMA or 5,000 in MP3. Also supports WAV.
  • Vertical touchpad with LED backlight is quick and intuitive to use, gives total control with fingertip touch.
  • FM tuner with 32 presets and direct recording, to capture memorable broadcasts.
  • Built-in microphone for live voice recording and personal notes.
  • Equalisation feature with 9 acoustic environments such as ‘rock’ or ‘jazz’ enables listeners to customise music to their personal preferences.
  • USB 2.0 connection, for downloads at up to a song per second.
  • Still no mention of podcasting or podcasting features. Someday they’ll get it…

    via Engadget

    4 responses to “Creative Zen Sleek about to hit US market?”

    1. And sill no removable battery, or at least it’s not explicitly called out. Sigh. I don’t care how long the battery lasts, there’s nothing worse than it running out on a plane mid-way over the atlantic and not being able to change it. My ancient Sony minidisc player from about 7 years ago had rechargable batteries smaller than a pack of gum, get’s 15 hours life, plus they only cost £10 for spares. My current MP3 player, CF based, uses AAA batteries – around 12 hours, plus you can buy spares anywhere. When will these companies learn.

    2. I really like the looks of this player. I think its one of the first that actually looks better then a iPod.

      Now i want this in mini version. I really do think the Zen Micro is the best player out erhe (for me). But the looks of it, although diffrent, arn’t that great.

      So micro size this one and i think i would be a buyer

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