I know the top "Charlie Owen" on the Internet

Charlie and I were in a meeting yesterday and he was mock-offended he wasn’t on my blogroll anymore. “I link to you…” well, given, you’re the #1 Charlie Owen on the Internet, I’ll link to you once again – a small oversight on my part Charlie. And since I also know the #1 Matt Goyer on the Internet, I’ll add him back into my blogroll as well.

Want to be on my blogroll? Just ask and explain why you’re addicted to digital media.

5 responses to “I know the top "Charlie Owen" on the Internet”

  1. Too funny! I love what you are doing now Sean — it’s gonna ROCK for consumers!

  2. How about my Media Center blog?
    Do I have to explain my Media Center addiction problems?
    And when are we going to find out what your doing Sean? It sounds great πŸ™‚

  3. Charlie- thanks! It’s fun stuff and will be even more fun when I can discuss πŸ˜‰

    Ian – for sure, adding you now!

  4. i spend all my spare time on developing plugins for MCE. Isn’t that addicted to dgital media?

  5. It’s really good.Keep it up.It will really help us.