Creative Neeon -5GB, $199

I’m not at all a fan of the uninspired design of the Zen Neeon (mono LCDs with 7 backlight shades and side rocker controls are so 2002), buy hey, with a $199 price tag and 5GB of storage in a 1.8 x 3.1 x 0.6-inch package (that’s smaller than a iPod Mini). This could be an interesting competition. It’s skinnable as you can see here and has specs that should shame the competition:

  • MP3, WMA, PlaysforSure support, and WAV
  • USB 2.0 (includes charging support yea!)
  • Voice Recording
  • FM radio

I’m willing to bet it has a bookmarking feature as well to pick up your Podcasts where you left off- a feature I LOVE in my Zen Micro. If anyone has one, would love to hear your take on this little gem.

<Note to Creative>Someone over at Creative should really think about putting another item- a hand, an Apple (heh) next to this device to show its scale- it looked bulky to me! Also how about getting into bed with an accessories manufacturer like Belkin for some inspired accessories?</Note to Creative>

By the way, where’s the Zen Micro Photo? We’re still hoping to get our hands on that one.

2 responses to “Creative Neeon -5GB, $199”

  1. You said that it has a $199 price tag, but where from? Is there a website that will send to the UK cos it’s not out here yet? Thanks.

  2. The "LCD" is actually made up of OLEDs. Brighter and more colorful than LCDs and burns less energy. Although, you are right about the side rocker switches. But the thing is tiny. The hard thing is trying to find a place where you can get one of these things in your hand to try it out before buying.