Another Shuffle Ripoff

What’s made in China and looks like an iPod Shuffle? Well, other than the iPod Shuttle (Designed in Cupertino, Made in China), the Morestar MP270 is the latest rip-off to reportedly improve on the shuffle experience with the addition of a 7 color LCD screen, MP3 and WMA support, FM radio and recorder, voice recorder and still maintains a 12-hour battery life. USB 2.0 transfer is also supported.

This brings to mind the Luxpro EZ Tangent (aka SuperShuffle). I had an opportunity to play with one of these a little while ago and it was ok. The addition of an LCD and WMA support were very welcome additions, however I’m generally not a big fan of solid-state devices unless I’m at the gym. And you can forget devices with out a display for listening to Podcasts- I’m not memorizing the show # of Adam Curry’s The Daily Source Code (which he announces at the beginning of each). Hey Adam- how about giving us the date of the Podcast so we can scan through? Same goes for all of you Podcast providers out there.

via Engadget.

3 responses to “Another Shuffle Ripoff”

  1. Sean, I have the date at the start of the show just after the station message. Is that what you mean?

  2. I assume you mean "Shuffle" rip off, not "Shuttle" ?