Video Chat with MCE – SIP Phone v1.0 released

MCE SIPOAB Software has just released a promising new add-on for Media Center, “MCE SIP Phone”:

With MCE SIP Phone you can have real video conversations, while making use of the standard SIP (session initiation) protocol to connect to your family and friends.

It’s a version 1, so it might be a bit “rough on the edges”. The developer asks that you post your comments here in the forums on The Green Button.

What I’d really like is a webcam + array mic product that sounds as good as my Tablet PC does (great with Skype via WiFi), and can track my son as he’s zooming around the family room. If Media Center sales keep trending up, this could be a weekend-warrior style project for the Fry’s crowd (getting more crowded every day). Hello Logitech? How about some MCE support for your webcams we hear are so good to use! 🙂