I'm baack!

Good news: The site is back up- hobbling along on another server until I can get add’l resources to move it over to a faster link. Needless to say my ISP once again didn’t tell me the site was down and it’s time to move on.

More good news: Windows Vista Beta 1 shipped! I’m upgrading my office machines overnight- half on Beta 1 “tree”, the other half on the Beta 2 “tree”. Why? Because there’s even more cool stuff coming.

I’ll give my thoughts on Beta 1 in a future update- for right now, it appears the main answer for folks looking to get Windows Vista Beta 1 is via MSDN Subscription at http://msdn.microsoft.com/subscriptions/. Sorry, I can’t give those out for free.

And so… a new category emerges- Windows Vista. I’ll migrate the others soon.

6 Comments on “I'm baack!”

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