People want Longhorn Beta 1

This just came around internally from one of the Beta coordinators for Longhorn:

Dear [VP name removed],

This is the first time in 10+ years involvement with customer beta programs that I’ve received an unsolicited bribe to get on the program– two pounds of inscribed chocolate showed up at my office via Fedex today.

People want Longhorn!

You’ve got to give the sender kudos for this one. I cannot comment on whether he got in, but bribery is not required- just a good business case and dedication to helping us ship quality product. I’m checking into how you can nominate yourself – will post more here later.

And to the guy who sent this out, the “Longhorn Shiproom” wants to say thank you very much 😉

10 responses to “People want Longhorn Beta 1”

  1. Sean, what will it take to get on the MCE beta program?
    How about a Media Center Show t-shirt 😉

  2. I’d love to test out NLA, WAS, and the new build of Indigo. Of course I’d also like to test out Vista as a whole and provide feedback. How can I go about nominating myself?

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