Dual Core Athlon MCE starting at $729

m7100e seriesIt seems every time I upgrade my media center, this happens. Sure, I can go for a year, maybe longer without any major developments, but with the advent of dual-core processors, I find myself wanting. Never is that more true than with HP’s new Media Center PCs including the new Athlon64 X2 Dual-core processor. Sure, MCE isn’t native 64-bit today (but start asking your hardware manufacturers about drivers for the future) but you’ll still get great performance. I don’t even mind that these look like Apple. White and silver are the “new” black. How long until Black is the new white and silver again? I give it 10 months… tops.

Update: Thanks to Brian Hoyt for pointing out I was baited on this one. While HP’s site says clearly “From $799.00 (after rebate)*” and directly underneath calls out “Powerful Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core” the combination of fine print and their configurator for purchase adds over $500 for the dual-core, putting the price at over $1300. Ouch.

One response to “Dual Core Athlon MCE starting at $729”

  1. Only one problem with the headline there. To actually get a dual core processor you have to add a $540 dollar option, this nearly doubles the price. Yeah HP for winning the bait and switch award this weekend.