Doppler to add support for WM Player

While we were at Gnomedex, Erwin at Doppler Radio pre-announced version 3.0, including details that he’s adding more support for WM Player into my favorite Podcatching client, Doppler:

Doppler 3.0 will now auto-install smart playlists, showing you the latest podcasts you downloaded. Doppler 3.0 will include a Windows Media Player plugin that will auto-start Doppler (if not already running) when you start Windows Media Player and will start downloading the latest podcasts automatically (this will be configurable).

The Doppler 3.0 interface has been upgraded, including a new RSS reader pane, allowing you to read the posts in the RSS feed without even leaving the Doppler interface. We now also support ‘background’ downloads, leveraging the same technology Windows uses to download upgrades (it’s called BITS). And there’s so much more.

Very cool! I wonder if Erwin will pick up the Auto Playlists I wrote earlier this year for Doppler 2.0 (and other podcatchers)?

IMO, Podcasting or Audio Blogging, like RSS shouldn’t be owned by any one company or individual. Some of you might like this little resource that just popped up recently in that spirit. It’s great to see folks taking advantage of the platforms that exist to approach this from many angles. No one angle is “right”, perceptions may be shifted.

Speaking of shifted perceptions, after playing with Delicious Monster’s Delicious Library this weekend, and I get it now. I used my DV camcorder to scan almost everything in the house with a barcode. My wife was complaining that, “I was having all the fun” scanning. My read is that she was having flashbacks to scanning wedding presents at the Macy’s and saw she could do that at home. 182 DVDs scanned in 30 minutes Now I just want an easy way to export my library to a webpage and I’m a happy camper. Next stop, Sean’s personal NetFlix for family, neighbors and friends? 7 days late on returning a rental and I don’t claim it as a purchase (ahem Blockbuster’s smarmy “No more late fees” promotion), I’ll just claim your lawnmower. 🙂

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  1. I think you may have the wrong link for "Delicious Monster’s Delicious Library" 🙂

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