eMachines sub-$600 MCE PC

Just when you thought the sub-$700 Media Center PCs had arrived, eMachines delivers with a sub-$600 Media Center PC. It has an Athlon 64 3400+, 200GB HDD, 1GB RAM, dual-layer DVD burner, and retails for $599 after the rebate. No mention of the TV tuner card. The video card is a bit underpowered for hard-core gamers as an ATI Radeon Xpress 200, but hey, this thing generally beats my Gateway FMC-901X. Available at Circuit City and Best Buy retailers (couldn’t find online).

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2 responses to “eMachines sub-$600 MCE PC”

  1. Big deal. Z-Buy.com currently offers several sub-$400 (!) Media Center models. I just bought a model that came with an Athlon 64 3000+, NEC DVD+/- DVD burner, Hauppage TV tuner, 128 MB ATI video, Microsoft Media Center remote, Windows MCE 2004 (MCE 2005 is $59 more), MS Works, Nero OEM, 120GB HD, 512MB of DDR RAM, Gigabit Ethernet, Logitech wireless keyboard and mouse — all wrapped in a nice (and fairly quiet) iDEQ 200P case, which looks a bit like a Shuttle XPC. Total: US$425 shipped.

  2. Thanks for the pointer Tom – if you have a link, please post. It looks like a # of their pages aren’t coming up correctly and I’m having trouble finding it.