The Podcast Network's Podcatcher for MCE

Could it be? Could The Podcast Network be the first group to offer a Media Center Podcasting client? Almost. The beta version of The Podcast Network for Media Center offers a wide range of programming on-demand from where else but The Podcast Network. Ian Dixon has been hard at work on this and released the beta available for download here based on mNewsCenter.

Speaking of which, my friend John Canning was interviewed by Ian in his latest episode of “The Media Center Show“. John sounds much too serious in his interview. John is one of the most passionate people I know about his job and his life in general. I hear next week, my interview with Ian will air as well. Ian and I had a heck of a time getting Skype to behave but after 1.5 hours and 3 attempts over 3 days, everything came together. I hope. 🙂

The time is about right for a full-fledged Podcasting Client in MCE. We have sync to portable players. Someone will bring together an directory listing optimized for 10′ with a download engine and display show notes with album art/photos from the podcast in such a way that makes it compelling in 10′ as well as 2′. It’s just bound to happen. Perhaps what we need to do is a community development project? Newsgator has a bang-up RSS reader for 10′- it’s almost there. Anyone interested or is your company working on a podcasting client we should know about for MCE? Feel free to post here.

Oh and for those who have been asking, sorry, the only comment I have on recent rumors of an update to Media Center is… no comment. 🙂 I work on Longhorn now but still have a passion for Media Center.

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  1. community development project sounds a great idea, count me in 🙂