iPodderX coming to Windows

One of my favorite Mac apps (yes you read that right) is iPodderX. It’s a great general-purpose RSS client plus a great podcasting client. Now I’ve caught wind over on the iPodderX Developer’s Journal that iPodderX for Windows is coming very shortly. To quote:

If you’re at Gnomedex, you might see a few early versions floating around, so keep an eye out. iPodderX for Windows will be introduced in the next few weeks as a public Beta, so if you’re using a PC, get ready to ROCK!

Way to go iPodderX team and welcome Sean Jackson to the Thunderstone team. The Podcatchers on Windows are heating up. I hope I can get an early build at Gnomedex.

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One response to “iPodderX coming to Windows”

  1. I sure hope they fix their proxy issues before they release this. I’ve completely removed ipodderx from my powerbook because of this issue. I think NetNewsWire has better enclosure support anyway…