In-wall Remote Control for MCE

acs_mce_front_panel_controller.jpgVia eHomeUpgrade: If you’ve been looking for slick and inexpensive way to control your MCE PC from any room in the house, checkout ACS’ new, $99 Graphical Media Center Remote Front Panel (via F-Stop Blues). The manufacture claims: “Not only does it display the current MCE state [on a 128 x 64 LCD], it also allows you to control MCE using the membrane switch overlay – change radio stations, browse photos, control your PVR and more. Take a look at the manual at the link above for more.

I love this idea. I have a dream of putting one of these on the side of the house by the patio to control my MCE playing through the patio speakers. I use the remote today but have to keep a keen eye on the little remote control gnome who likes to eat batteries (known as my son).

My wish-list:

  • Powered USB – serial is so 1991
  • How about an IR receiver built-in?
  • Weather-proof enclosure? I can probably do this myself.

If they release a powered USB version, I just might have to invite my electrician buddy over and do a how-to on this one. It can be done. Oh yes, it can be done.

2 responses to “In-wall Remote Control for MCE”

  1. Sean… as you know I am a big fan of remote controlling MCE and currently use an iPaq with Rudeo on it. This looks like another option I will investigate further – but punching holes in the wall of our new house may not go down very well with the minister for war and finance aka the other half! 🙂

  2. i don’t see the point of these, all you really want is a couple of wireless (bluetooth or 802.11x) remote controls with built in LCDs. Much more practical because you can have them anywhere rather than something wall mounted, also tonnes cheaper to install.