Dave Winer gives MS kudos for community collaboration

Dave Winer gives a sneak preview of what’s to come tomorrow at Gnomedex. That’s right- a demo of THE browser:

On Friday you’ll see how deeply integrated RSS is in the architecture of the browser. But that’s just the tip of what may turn out to be a very big iceberg. The people at Microsoft noticed something that I had seen, only peripherally — that there were applications of RSS that aren’t about news.

Anyway, there’s a lot more to what they’re doing, but I wanted to say in advance that I think what they’re doing is cool. They apparently were concerned about what I would think. I want them to relax and give a really great demo on Friday, and know that the OPML Editor will support the very simple extensions to RSS that they are developing, and I look forward to collaborating on further extensions and perhaps even new formats as we go forward.

I am pleased that Microsoft is working with the community, this is a new model for them, and it’s hard for big companies to turn this kind of corner. I see that they’re really trying, and I appreciate that, and welcome them.

That’s mighty praise coming from Dave Winer. And if you have no idea what all this RSS stuff is about, don’t worry- the net-net is making information easier for you to consume.

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