Commodore rises again with PMC30

Commodore to door

Now, I don’t think this is a true “Portable Media Center” (hey, no Green Button folks!) but Stuff magazine is reporting on a new portable media player from the once, twice, many times sold company formerly known as Commodore. No additional details however I can say that I got a call from some folks at Commodore’s parent company a while back and put them in touch with some other folks internally. Now I see the device was WMV support. I hope by playing “connector” I helped in making that happen. Time to hit them up for my eval device I think 🙂

From Stuff onine:

A capacious, nay, rapacious 30GB hard drive gobbles down MP4, DivX 5.0 and WMV9 files, while also despatching MP3, AAC, WMA and little known G726 audio files with aplomb, whatever a plomb is.

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