Mash-up: Green Day vs. Oasis vs. Aerosmith/Eminem

Musical mashups or “mash-ups” are a relatively new thing in the space of music remixing. Mashups are based on the simple idea that many songs out today use primary chord progressions and lyrical stanzas. Last year’s, “The Grey Album” offered up a mash-up of Jay-Z’s, “The Black Album”, with the Beatles’, “White Album”. The result? Entertainment Weekly’s album of the year and a lawsuit. Then came, “The Beastles”, a mash-up of The Beatles and the Beastie Boys showed this was a burgeoning new space with some definite talent.

Over the past few months, Adam Curry has played one mashup in particular that I think leaves all others in the dust. A combination called, “Boulevard of Broken Songs” mashes Green Day vs. Oasis vs. Aerosmith/Eminem in such a way that shows there really are only 3 chord progressions in rock. Good thing I like those chords. I love listening to it driving with the top down on the ride to/from work.

You may have heard it on the radio, you can find links to it out on the net – just read the SFGate article on the topic and you can learn where to download it, and the back-history. Sorry no links today for obvious reasons 🙂