Xbox 360 Faceplate Design Competition

Major Nelson, the (un)official spokesblogger for Xbox Live is doing an Xbox 360 Faceplate Design Competition. Winner gets a special edition E3 faceplate. They already have over 350 entries in less than 2 days and are using Flickr to host em. Check it out, a lot of very cool designs up there. You can view a slide show of the entries here (hint: use your keyboard arrow keys to navigate) or subscribe to this RSS feed and get them in your feed reader. Oh and if you have the chops, enter to win up to $125,000 designing a PC too.

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One response to “Xbox 360 Faceplate Design Competition”

  1. Just would love the special edition faceplate to show off on a display XBOX 360 at the EB Games store I work at. Love the work you all have been doing. Keep on staying ahead of the competition!