Ooey GUI: New Blog for Developers

Yesterday I had the opportunity to meet Furrygoat (a.k.a. Steve Makofsky) in person. We’ve chatted over the years but never had an opportunity to meet. Steve points us to Lou Amadio’s new blog, “Ooey GUI” which besides being a cool name for a blog, offers up some great GUI tips and tricks for developers. From Furrygoat:

Do any Windows programming?

I’m happy to say that after several weeks of peer pressure between Shawn and I, Lou finally buckled and started a blog. Head on over to Ooey GUI, a new blog by Lou Amadio.

So far he’s posted some great tips of Fast Solid Fills and DIB sections. Lou’s the man when it comes to GDI, GDI+ and layered windows (yes! It’s the Lou, who wrote the only MSDN article on Layered Windows).

Welcome Lou!

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