Niveus Media Center PCs now at Magnolia and Tweeter

Our friends at Niveus dropped me a line yesterday to note that the Niveus Denali Media Center PCs are now available at Magnolia and Tweeter home AV stores. In my estimation, the Denali is the “Escalade of Media Center PCs,” and was recently named by Computer Shopper as, “…the Ultimate Media Center PC”. The Denali has the attributes of high-end A/V gear, including an A/V-style form-factor, silent operation enabled by the passive cooling technology, and a complete A/V rear panel of high-quality connections, including gold-plated RCA and BNC connectors for Component Video. Additionally, the “Denali Edition” is built with only the highest quality audio and video components, including television tuners, and video processing certified by the Image Science Foundation (ISF).

So if you want to see one in person, drop by a store. If you live in the Seattle area, drop by Magnolia in Bellevue and ask for Dennis- a 10+ year veteran of the AV retail biz, he’s helped me and a few friends out from time to time. Perhaps we’ll get a geek dinner together.

Also be sure to see their Terabyte server– a best of CES 2005 Innovations award winner. It stores days of photos, music, video and more, this integrated solution requires only power and a wired ethernet connection. Somehow I think Thomas Hawk will end up getting one of these. Now we just need an RSS feed for their latest and greatest announcements ;).

2 responses to “Niveus Media Center PCs now at Magnolia and Tweeter”

  1. Wow… the Terabyte server looks kind of impressive, although I found a cheaper alternative that doesn’t seem to be bad at all. Haven’t tried it yet, but I might end up buying one once I move to another house and set up my wired Gigabit network. Check it at is the Terabyte Network Attached Storage from Buffalo Technologies.

  2. Just for the record, passive cooling includes fans, which the Niveus does not use at all. Passive cooling is usually louder than active cooling. I’m not sure what Niveus uses, but "passive" does not mean "silent."