New Tabbed Browsing in IE6, MSN Desktop search

Search and Browse Smarter Using MSN Search Toolbar with Windows Desktop SearchLooking for tabbed browsing in IE? Faster desktop search? Check out the new MSN Toolbar with Desktop Search and Tabbed browsing released this week. I’ve been running it through its paces and have to say, after using Copernic Desktop Search for a while, I really like it. It even has a feature to pause indexing if you’re running on battery power- I’ve hated this on laptops and it shows they’re thinking through the end to end scenarios.

S lightning fast and if you have Mac Spotlight envy, you’ll be sated in the meantime until Longhorn arrives. MSN Desktop search gets the job done. The implementation is sound and faster than other solutions I’ve seen.

My favorite feature thought is support for a broad range of add-ins for searching everything from .zipfiles to .chm (compressed HTML help files). You can get more at

In other MSN news, they’ve announced plans for a subscription service. Gee, I don’t know how anyone saw that coming… 😉 MSN Music also has a buy 1 get 5 free deal on right now- no subscription required (heh, sorry I couldn’t help myself).

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