New Media Center Developer Goodies

More from around the world of Media Center development:

mceSAPI – add Speech and Voice Recognition to your MCE apps (HowTo)

DirectX Shell for Media Center (under development) – Developers are looking for a way to develop rich, animated UI for applications in Media Center.

MCE Controller (v1.1, source available on SourceForge) – control MCE via TCP/IP commands over home network (all-purpose, designed for home automation)

Know of any other projects- shared or otherwise? Drop a comment here.

3 responses to “New Media Center Developer Goodies”

  1. 2 other HowTo’s :
    1) is for working with the State API
    2) is for adding speech to your Hosted HTML Add-In applications. its different from /mceSAPI because that is primarily for controlling the shell

  2. How about a good link to the "MCE Controller"??

  3. Here’s a better link for MCE Controller