Teaser: Batman Begins Viz coming

I’m not a huge fan of Player skins I have to admit, but I do appreciate a well-designed visualization. Visualizations for Windows Media Player and Windows Media Center move and pulse to your music and are a good diversion when you’re throwing a party or cleaning the house. The quality has been getting better- more responsive and reacting more to the music. Psychedelic visualizations are fine- but I like others with purpose, a theme, and a/or a mood.

Warner Bros. recently partnered with Gordon Williams, creator of the R4 Viz used in many popular nightclubs to create the new, “Batman Begins” viz for Windows Media Player and Media Center. While I can’t give you the viz yet, here’s a small taste that just hints at the coolness.

One of these days, the video card manufacturers are going to realize that visualizations are a good way to promote their products and demonstrate what their cards can do (I’ve tried to convince a few of this). Game demos are great, but visualizations are easier and free candy for all. 🙂

The viz will be available in the next day or so. I’ll post here as soon as it goes up on WMPlugins.com or keep your eye on the RSS feed.

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