Microsoft media unstoppable?

Not sure how I missed this one. David Berlind exclaims in “Between the Lines, The blog for discriminating IT buyers“:

…Is there any doubt that Microsoft is not only poised to repeat its successful Windows formula, but that that success will, over the long run, actually dwarf the company’s success with Windows? …OK, you’re a doubter. The Podderati will surely eviscerate me for being a Microsoft sycophant. If you want to go into denial, that’s your business. The facts speak for themselves. No single company has circled its technology wagons around the digital media universe the way Microsoft has.

That’s a pretty bold statement. As one who worked on the Digital Media Division product team (left 1.5 years ago) I’d prefer the term, “partnered with the digital media universe”. I’d like to see the “Gilmoor Gang (Reloaded)” duke it out with some special guests on this topic – (Welcome back Steve & co) :). Say what you will, the PlaysforSure program makes it a hell of a lot easier for me to tell family and friends what devices and services to consider when deciding whether to go the Pod route or another. Oh, and for the new readers, I own a Creative Zen Touch Micro and an iPod and actually use both.

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