Of RSS Feeds and Blog Entries

I’ve decided to start doing something new. Every time I link to another blog, and an RSS feed is available, I’m going to include a link to the RSS feed. Why? Because it’s a pain for users who have moved to Web aggregators to visit the sites I link to, only to hunt for the RSS feed. (No more hunting on my site- it’s in the title-bar)

Will this get annoying? Maybe. You tell me if it’s useful. Or maybe it’s just another courtesy we should all extend. I wonder if Scoble will start including RSS web links in his blog entries too.

5 responses to “Of RSS Feeds and Blog Entries”

  1. I read your blog in RSS bandit, and being able to simply drag and drop the hyperlinked feed to the appropriate subscription folder makes my life much easier. I’m all for it!

  2. I was on your first Longhorn post (via Channel 9) and searched for about 4 minutes for a non-category RSS feed. I *finally* found it: Up top where nobody usually puts the RSS feed link. I do like the rest of the features though.

    That (putting RSS in title) is a good UI innovation, but it is so non-standard, it makes it difficult. Maybe you could put it both places?

  3. Hans,
    Thanks for your comments. I’ve added an "All Categories" RSS feed to the categories list on the side.

  4. That great! Thanks!

  5. One thing I noticed: The "All Categories" RSS image and link are offset slightly from the others because you didn’t put it your div class "categoryListContainerStyle" or inside that table (same class).

    I don’t know if you intended that or not. If you didn’t intend it, I am pointing it out. If you did intend it, it makes sense too. (All the others are subcategories and thus slightly indented.) It all pretty much comes down to personal preference.

    The more I think about it (espec. after looking at your meticulous code) I think you did intend it…