Dell announces upcoming "Lexus brand" of PCs

First there was Sony’s Qualia line of products. Now, Dell announces their intent to bring a new brand of PCs (not Dell) focused, “…on the folks who recognize what the PC can do”. Priced at between $1,200 and $3,500, things just got more interesting. More in the Cnet article here.

What did the automobile industry do when their industry was being commoditized? Reinvent themselves- establish new brands such as Lexus, Infiniti, and Acura to introduce new technologies, test and invest, and drive down component costs to eventually incorporate into their more value-conscious product lines. A good example of this is the Navigation system in our Honda Pilot– effectively the “older model” as the Acura MDX had two years prior (Acura had voice-activated navigation, the Pilot did not).

The premium systems will also come with a premium service package, which Dell calls its “white glove” treatment. The service packages will include expanded online and in-home support. Dell is currently conducting extensive test programs on its online support.

Let me ask- how much is peace of mind and hassle-free assurance of customer support worth to you? Next time my Mother needs a new PC, I’ll point her in this direction. She’s had more trouble than any one person deserves with customer support and would be willing to pay a little more for the assurance she’ll be taken care of when it happens.

7 responses to “Dell announces upcoming "Lexus brand" of PCs”

  1. That’s a good point – most geeks would probably not be interested in this program since they’d rather get more power for the money and don’t really mind fixing a computer. For those in the real world, getting good support is probably more important than having the fastest computer. I’m still not entirely sure why someone would want a Lexus computer though 🙂

  2. I certainly hope that Dell actually finds some real designers to create new products instead of simply using generic Taiwanese designs like they normally do. I like how Dell talks about how they spend so much R&D on new designs but come on, let’s be serious what have they done that’s cutting edge in the desktop or laptop product lines? If I’m going to spend a premium on a new "high-end" Dell, it had better have some serious engineering and design effort in it (like many Sony VAIO notebooks or even Apple notebooks).

    The use of Lexus as a comparison is very funny. If I’m not mistaken the one of the original Lexus models was nothing more than a barely modified Toyota Camry with a different label on it. Will these new Dells be like that? Or will they be the built-from-the-ground-up models?

  3. I’d also pay an extra buck if I could be assured that things would be smoother regarding support. A premium line of products is something Dell needs, as even their top notebooks do not have a big differential other than price.


  4. Looks like the designs out of the gate will be existing Inspiron designs, but will move towards improvements moving forward.

    What would you want to see different?

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  7. Well Sony is Sony you know. Dell is good too, but I think that more people will go with Sony than Dell. This because Sony has proven a better quality over the years, but Dell had some problems. Bus as I said, it is a good brand.