Corey's Quad-Screen MCE Setup

Corey Gouker called me up a few months ago about a group buy he was doing for displays. He had this idea for creating the ultimate MCE Desktop configuration with 4 displays. I passed at the time. I must be getting old because I thought this is something I would have done when I was single and sans-kid but not very practical right now. Since then, I’ve gone Multimon at work and will never go back- now after seeing Corey’s home setup on the Media Center Flickr Pool, I’m trying to figure out how to convince my wife that this would make a great anniversary present. Here’s one for the Engadget lover in all of us. In his own words:

As for how I use this setup… Well I listen to music (loudly). Usually have a movie playing or ripping on the MCE. The server is usually showing the status of everything else. I’m retiring my main system in the middle. I pretty much use it only for winamp, wmp, web, outlook, messenger. All the machines are domain joined and have outlook setup with Exchange so it’s not that big of a deal. Still have to build my server so I can centralize the storage. The laptop isn’t being used enough yet since I just received it and haven’t had a chance to install everything (too much work). I use the PMC’s for mainly music. One for work music one for driving music.

I bow before Corey’s WOPR of an MCE-setup.

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  1. I wonder how full screen SD TV looks on that 2405…