BBQ Season is Here

Not only am I Addicted to Digital Media, I’m also addicted to good BBQ. Perhaps it was spending too much time in the mid-west that did it to me, too many 2am ventures to Wilson’s BBQ in college after the bars closed with one to two dozen friends. Either way, I’ve learned the hard way that you cannot find good BBQ in Seattle at a reasonable price. So about 5 years ago, I started my journey for BBQ bliss. It started with an electric smoker, then a propane unit from Wal-Mart, then a new stainless steel version from Costco last year. The first thing I learned is that there is a big difference between grilling and BBQ.

Today I was up at the crack of dawn (thanks to Ryan) and putting a 10lb brisket into the smoker. Brisket, Ribs, sausage and more today for a little neighborhood get-together.

If you’re thinking about getting a smoker or just dabbling, I recommend the book “Smoke and Spice“. It has a wealth of recipes. Steven Raichlin’s BBQ Bible and BBQ USA are also very good books. Lastly three good sites: The BBQ Guy Blog, The BBQ Forum for discussions on BBQ, and BBQ – the “Google” of BBQ.

I’m not sure I can wait until 5-6pm for this brisket… but I’ll try πŸ™‚ Happy Memorial Day Weekend everyone

4 responses to “BBQ Season is Here”

  1. What a coincidence… my dad just went to buy a new gas grill. πŸ˜‰

  2. As a native of the South, and a reformed owner of propane grills and smokers, I beg you to run, don’t walk, to

    I too am a BBQ Addict (and Digital Media Addict) and you will here as many stories about how "the Big Green Egg changed my life" as you will TiVo. Just took off 10 lbs of pulled pork BBQ after a 10 hour smoke and just put on a turkey breast…

    Have a great Memorial Day weekend!


  3. Believe only what you see.

  4. Never really was a fan of much parbo. Got hooked on Stag for a while now, reason was I spent some time in trinidad working last year and I literally searched the whole country for Banks…unfortunately I couldn’t find any so every bar i went it was either Carib, Carlsberg or Stag.