Thoughts on Design Competition

Feedback and hits on the design competition have blown me away. Mentions in WSJ, NYTimes, PCWorld, CNET, and a host of enthusiast and online news sites. We hit 200% of our monthly target for unique users to the website… in the first day. I got email from a Microsoft employee today in New Zealand looking to promote it at local Universities. A few upset Microsofties that they can’t compete but hey, that happens.

First up are comments that Microsoft will own the entries- please be sure to read the entry rules carefully as this is not the case. Foremost in my mind, this competition needs to have legitimacy and respect the rights of the designer and developer.

John Dowdell’s News for Macromedia MX Developers says, “Microsoft exec Jim Allchin has a good reply here to a question about “What will the Longhorn release next year do for Microsoft’s business?” “It’s probably more important to think about what impact it will have on the industry. I think the industry has been needing a phenomenon, an event, a big change that will let it grow in terms of the hardware devices, new types of form factors, new types of applications. Just the whole thing.” Microsoft has tried those radio-updated Spot watches, tablet computers, television computers… this week they’re even running a design contest for non-PC devices. Having a new operating system which considers such issues from the start could very well trigger rapid evolution in content and usage habits.”

Actually, John, this is for PC devices, hence the “PC Design Competition” name, though wearable computers could be conceived as well so all is good. 🙂

Kew notes, “Chee Aun, and all Malaysian designers.. Give it a shot.. Who knows, you may win and get a “grandfather” title along with it… “

Half Man[Half Amazing] notes, “Microsoft has teamed up with IDSA, an Industrial Design Org, to put together a an interesting design competition to dream up how people will utilize pc’s in the near future.”

Nafie i(Culture Shock) s entering and says, “This Looks Like Fun although the future of this blog, my sleep, food, TV, and all other basic human functions are in jeopardy of going on hold for the next 5 or 6 months.”

Sorry about that Nafie, you might consider an IV drip? 🙂 Seriously though, it’s great to see so much enthusiasm for the idea and I hope we see some really cool PC designs come out of this. Entries can be submitted starting May 18th.