Busy Week, Longhorn and IE7

A long week but a productive one at that. Here’s a quick catchup on items:

– Tomorrow is the official launch of 64-bit Windows XP Professional for AMD and Intel 64-bit processors. Let’s see, 16-terabyte limit for memory vs. 4GB and system cache jumps from 1GB to 1TB. Thomas, maybe you can keep your entire music library in memory :). There are also hardware/software level improvements for security and anti-virus purposes. While the focus right now is on business applications, now is the time to start ensuring your device manufacturers are working on 64-bit drivers. If you don’t know after next week- email them and ask is my suggestion.

Startsomethingpc.com – I’m hearing about lots of downloads of the teaser video and pickups of the RSS feed. No, it’s not an ad campaign, yes it is affiliated in concept. Let’s just say it’s a long-term conversation. More tomorrow.

– New York Times has a very favorable article on Media Center PCs in the “Circuits” section this week, just posted to C|Net’s News.com. One thing they don’t quite explain is that Entertainment PC’s are for the traditional desktop/den as well as expanding out into the living room.

– I hosted a MS geek dinner with Mick Stanic of The Podcast Network, on Thursday night. It was my first time meeting Mick in person and I was impressed. He’s talented, passionate, bright and off to a great start with TPN. Besides, he loves Media Center ;).

Business Week gets on the cluetrain with their cover story on Blogging, noting, “Look past the yakkers, hobbyists, and political mobs. Your customers and rivals are figuring blogs out. Our advice: Catch up…or catch you later”

– Speaking of Podcasting, SciFi Channel launched another RSS feed and Podcast for news. Too bad they didn’t bother to validate the feed.

– Seems everyone has trouble with cables and cabling. I came across these interesting designs for managing cables at JR’s Cool Hunting. Why doesn’t anyone consider this in PC design?

– In his posting, “One Step Forward, Two Back with Apple iTunes“, Dan Gillmor says that, “Apple, beholden to the copyright cartel, reserves the right to screw over its customers whenever it pleases. You can blame America’s insane copyright laws for this, not just Apple’s way of doing things.” In reviewing the list- I’m actually going to come to Apple’s defense on this point. The technology provider must respect the rights of the Intellectual Property holder under the law and champion the rights of the consumer. It’s a balancing act and until consumers rise up en-masse, I don’t see this changing.

– I recently upgraded from a set of Shure E2c sound isolating earphones to the E3c and I’m convinced these are the best earphones I’ve ever used. I even mow the lawn in near silence listening to playlists downloaded from Napster.

– I saw the new Xbox run through some paces earlier this week. Holy cow. John Porcaro (now thankfully healed from his burns) talks about the invitations he sent out for the E3 Press Briefing.

– IE7 Beta details released – I spent a good part of Wednesday meeting with members of the IE7 dev team and got a good look at Beta 1. All I can say is as a former Web developer, I saw first-hand the fixes that demonstrate they’re listening as Chris talks about here and then some. IE7 Beta 1 is this Summer and I’m already seeing the benefits that make me want to run the Alpha now.

– Microsoft’s WinHEC (Windows Hardware Engineering Conference) is next week. I’ll be there 😉

2 responses to “Busy Week, Longhorn and IE7”

  1. That is a busy week. Hope you enjoyed the dinner with Mick, like you said he is a big fan of Media Center (I enjoyed talking to Mick on my podcast with him)

  2. Sean, are you sure that was Mick STANIC you were with? Doesn’t sound like the Mick I know. Maybe you got confused… 🙂