Outlook for MCE Client

Outlook_MCE_01.jpgStopping over at TGB, I discovered Dr. S.A. Miedema’s new My Outlook Client for Windows Media Center Beta. Overall I was very impressed. Now if my wife wants to know when I have time during the week to run an errand etc, I can show her myself.

This is beta software and I cannot confirm how exactly he’s accessing the Outlook data. The UI is overall very good though responsiveness lacked in a few areas.

Outlook_MCE_02.jpgTons of screenshots and the download here. He certainly seems to have taken a holistic approach to design for 10′, even including a triple-tap and full on-screen keyboard. I also noticed I can access multiple Outlook accounts so if you have your Hotmail or POP3 accounts also aggregated you can check them there as well.

Miedema had a large suite of MCE add-ons including Weather and more. Now if someone would just build an MCE-based Seattle traffic monitor and Skype client I’d be very happy.

8 Comments on “Outlook for MCE Client”

  1. Am I the only one who thinks it isn’t really necessary for every My * for MCE to share the same "look and feel"? I’m getting really sick of this blue stuff. I really enjoy, for instance, the change in scheme when I enter the ESPN Motion plug-in – a refreshing dark red.

    I know Microsoft loves blue, but something that looks more like Outlook when I want to use, you know, Outlook, would be nice.

  2. I had tried installing this plugin but I got an error during the installtion. I wonder if I need certain Outlook version. I have XP version not 2003.

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