Looking for European MCE Software Developers

I have a few presentations coming up in Europe next month and I’d like to showcase some of our smaller MCE PC Makers, ISVs and service providers doing amazing things in Europe, a decidedly non-US-centric presentation by-design on my part. There’s some great work coming out of Europe for MCE – here’s

Of course I’m chatting with folks internally to get the latest lists but I wanted to continue the conversation more transparently because I know I don’t have all the answers. If you have MCE application & service providers in Europe that you like, or PC makers creating some bold designs (OEM, ODM, or System Builder), please drop me a line and I’ll add them to my list to consider for demos. If you are a European ISV, IHV, OEM, ODM, SB or another acronym, also feel free to touch base about current or upcoming product to consider for my presentation.

Thanks in advance

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