Our Extreme Makeover ep airs tonight

Back in November, I wrote a short blurb about my experiences assembling a volunteer team to help out on the Extreme Makeover: Home Edition project here in the Seattle area. This was a project that came about thanks to a Design Producer contacting Robert Scoble through his blog.  Tonight the episode airs on ABC in the US.  Check local listings.

Our team volunteered to do everything from moving furniture into the house and assembling it, to adding aDigital Joy home entertainment system and a new home office, to helping one of the designers, Michael Moloney, move rugs and sofas around trying different placements. In all, it was a group of 6 of us- 3 members of Geek Squad, and 3 of us from Microsoft, all helping out and doing what we could. The experience was phenomenal.

I can’t say any more about the epsiode and don’t know for sure if you’ll see me or others from our team on tonight’s episode or tomorrow’s “How’d They Do That” spin-off.  What I can say is that I’ll write more about the experience after the episode airs and i’m able to. In the meantime, here’s a small tid-bit:

About the Dore Family

From ABC’s Extreme Makeover:Home Edition site: As a struggling widow of three daughters, Roseanne Dore is no stranger to hardship. The family was dealt a tremendous blow when their Kingston, Washington home, originally built by Roseanne and her husband, burned to the ground in March 2004. Following the devastating news of the fire, Roseanne found out that their home insurance policy lapsed when their agent retired. The structure was uninhabitable. While figuring out what to do, Roseanne moved her three daughters into a half-built, backyard utility shed that had no plumbing, electricity or running water. Now, the Dore family will be getting a very different home from the original 856 square ft. house, as well as new lives.

Regardless, I’m so honored to know the Dore family personally and to be a part of this experience.  It was a great way to start the holiday season.  More later…

Update: Just to be clear, this was a volunteer project for a local family who most certainly deserved it.  There’s no guarantee we’ll show up on TV.  I’m recording the ep on my MCE (wife and I are still watching Carnivale) and I’ll post more after the “How’d they do that” ep tomorrow. 🙂

Update #2: Well, some reported seeing me but I didn’t. My team was literally a cast of hundreds. We were given 24 hours notice on this opportunity as well and did it with full knowledge there were no guarantees of products being shown.  That’s not he point- Roseanne and her girls deserved it. That said, some may have seen the Tablet PC in one shot but there were others. A  free t-shirt to the person who can correctly guess the most equipment in the house. (Tip: we had at least 3 “Jet Black” colored products placed and shown on TV.)